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Author Notes

Oh, man. This page was so much fun. ^_^

Just a friendly reminder on the color scheme for the uniform collars:
Red - Freshman (9th grade)
Orange - Sophomore (10th grade)
Green - Junior (11th grade)
Blue - Senior (12th grade)

Up until now, you’ve usually only seen blue (with the exception of Rudy who is indeed supposed to be younger than the other main characters), because most of the cast is composed of seniors. There really hasn’t been much need for anyone else just yet. Until now, apparently. 

Final note: costume theories anyone? Remember, I won’t be doing any copyright characters though.


Maybe you boys would like to show off your cool costumes?
We're there!
We're there!
I know we don't know each other, but you are invited as well if you're interested.
Isn't it a bit early...?
Emily's very neurotic. Just take the flyer.
Hop to see you there, Gavin.
A Halloween party, huh?
A Hallowen party? Sweet tits! This is going to be awesome!
Sweet what!?
SweetNESS. I said "sweetness". What'd you think I said?
Is there a costume contest? We'll have to win it if there is.
There... is now...
Here you go, Gavin.
Actually, I got one already...
Hi, Debbie. Wanna go to Emily's Halloween Party?
Honestly, Holly, you better be joking...
I'm not really into Halloween, Actually. Never have been.
Well, tough. You're going anyway.
Wait, wh-what?
And here's one for you, Gavin.
Enough already!!

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