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Being gay (or trans) and out in a school environment can be potentially dangerous. There are always bullies of varying degrees no matter what school you go to. To make matters worse, in some very real schools (like ones where addressing issues of homosexuality is forbidden by teachers and students alike, or ones - like in the case of this comic - where homosexuality is actually a bigger offense than assaulting someone), sometimes there’s really nowhere to turn. My heart goes out to any kids out there stuck in such a situation. 

And for what it’s worth, you’ve actually seen Todd before. See first panel here: 40: Not So Secret


So, did I miss anything?
Eh, Just girl talk. I'm not used to... well, either one of them being so femmy.
Heh. Women...
Tota-... Holy shit, Rudy!
What the hell happened to your eye?
Why? You like it?
Jesus, Rudy. I can't believe you're even smiling like that.
It's just Todd again. I walked into the bathroom while he was in there and he just freaked out. But whatever. I'm not getting bent out of shape over this. He'll get his someday...
Also, to answer your next two questions: no I'm going to tell on him, because as you know, That's done a fat lot of good in the past. And no, I don't need you to kick his ass for me.
You know, if I don't beat him up, your sister will... and she'll murder him.
Like I said, "Whatever". I'll come up with an excuse for Maria. Just don't tell her. So what they up to anyway?
Fine. They're discussing Emily's Halloween party.
Emily's having a Halloween party?
What? You didn't get a few dozen flyers? I'll give you some of mine.

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