Rain:11: Oh, the Irony...

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Gavin talks about a Ryan Flaherty, Maria jokes about him being Rain.

Author Notes

And here we have the first page to not feature the title character herself. Gavin and Maria’s discussion here amuses me so. So close, yet so far… ^_^

Artistically though, this page is a little boring and subpar compared to the rest of the comic. I only hope the dialogue makes up for that.


An "in"? Oh, this should be good. Do tell.
It's really quite simple, actually. Remember how I said her name sounded famillar?
See, in elementary school before I moved here, my best friend's name was Ryan Flaherty. Maybe they're related somehow. Like cousins or something.
Or maybe it IS your old buddy! Wouldn't that just be totally messed up?
Or... more realistically... Hte name is just a coincidence. But it does give me a topic to open with.
Bah! She's a dude and you know it.
Wanna bet?
Nah. I'd obviously lose that one. I'm just busting your chops.
'Cause I'm all for double or nothing when I get that date.
Shove it, Gavin

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