Rain:125: Scapegoat

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Author Notes

I kinda feel bad for Gavin. I mean, the guy’s legitimately trying to be good right now, but still carries this stigma of being the “token bastard” of the group. 

Incidentally, Rudy’s hard to read sometimes, but I don’t think he meant any harm with his suggestion. Maybe Rain overreacted a little and jumped to conclusions too. In my experience, that’s a pretty natural reaction though.

But don’t worry too much about Rain. She hadn’t had a good cry yet this chapter… ^^;


So, have you picked a "cute costume" yet?
You could always go as a guy.
Like, just wear regular guy clothes and no one will even recognize you. Heck, it'd look so authentic, you'd probably win the costume contest.
Oh my god, are you saying I look too masculine!?
Gavin! What'd you say to Rain!?
Why is it instantly MY fault if Rain's crying?
'Cause it usually is...
Sorry. It's actually my bad, this time...
Well, you probably don't deserve it now, but you're welcome to come to the Halloween party.

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