Rain:12: Freaking Out

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Rain comes to Aunt Fara concerned. Turns out that she received a molehill amount of love notes.

Author Notes

Rain and Aunt Fara bicker. Hilarity ensues. I can already tell you these are going to be some of my favorite pages to do. ^_^

I hope no one minds the jumpy flow of time. The story may be set in a high school, but I’m just going to bore the snot out of everyone if I waste time showing every class. You’ll get to see more classes and teachers in time when you need to.

Also, Aunt Fara is still at the school because she’s a teacher. An art teacher to be exact. Apparently, fourth period is an off period for her if she’s just sitting around on the internets though.

And finally, yes, Aunt Fara was browsing my DeviantArt page, because I don’t know the meaning of shame.


Oh hey, Rain! Don't you have class?
Well, as long as you're here, you've got to see these crappy computers. I swear they're older than you! I mean, you'd think with the cost of the tuition at this school, they could put a higher quality machine in my own office!
Oh, Jesus... What's that look for?
Oh my god. Did someone find out you're a...
No, but...
Guys are asking me out and it's freaking me out!
HA! I've been telling you for months that you're bound to catch some boy's attention.
I thought you were just teasing me...
Well, yes, I do love to tease you, but THAT, I meant. Besides, it should be easy to turn down one guy and go about your day
One guy, huh?
Love notes? You got these all day?
This is just from fourth period...

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