Rain:130: Out of Hand

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Author Notes

While Kylie’s stance on gender still isn’t 100% clear to us, today’s update shows that he’s on a quite different page from Rain. Whereas Rain probably would’ve kept her secret forever if she could, Kylie sees sharing the secret as being a load off his mind; as he is, he feels like he’s lying to his new friends. He never realized he passes so well. And while he likes that he does, regrettably, he seems ashamed of it too.

But… no matter how conflicted he is, it’s bloody hard to come out to people! Especially when your four new friends are all such completely well-adjusted people without gender or sexuality issues… or so Kylie thinks.


Okay, am I really doing this?
Am I really going to this party with these people I barely know and making myself out to be a normal guy, just to get closer to Rain?
I like no one's figured me out, but... It's getting kinda weird.
It doesn't usually go this far... although that's just because of Heather most of the time. But I mean, they're going to find out eventually, right?
Maybe I should tell them before this gets out of hand...
Find a good one yet, Ky?
Uh, y-yeah! It was a really easy choice!

Ky doesn't even know what was grabbed

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