Rain:132: Try It On

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Author Notes

And the chapter closes with the revelation of Rain’s costume (be honest, did you figure it out?). 

The chapter also closes with a brief, cryptic monologue from Maria

Finally, this chapter ALSO closes with the most screen time Puddle’s had in this comic so far.

And with that, see you next time!


She only said I had to wait until I got home to look at it. But now I'm all nervous.
No, I have to try it on. You know, while there's still time to return it. Just in case.

Rain looks inside the bag

Oh! Good choice, Maria...
What do you think, Puddle?
I... I love it! I hope it wasn't too expensive though...

Rain: "Dark Angel"

Well, there went all my savings. I don't even have enough for a decent wig now. Rain'll be so freaking cute though.
I wonder how fast I can grow my hair. Hmm... Am I even ready to do it yet?

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