Rain:134: Getting Ready

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Author Notes

Ah. A “Rain and Fara bickering” page. It’s been too long. ^_^

In case you’d forgotten, you’ve seen “Halloween Princess Pandora” before here - 117: Long Hair But you can see a better pic here - Halloween Princess Pandora

There are a couple other things to mention, and they primarily revolve around hair! First, Maria did indeed begin growing her hair out like she said she would in the last page of the last chapter. It’s hard to tell though. I was originally going to have it be noticeably longer, but after some research, it seems her hair would’ve realistically only grown maybe an inch (maybe an inch and a half tops) in that time between the end of the last chapter and right now, so it doesn’t as visible as I’d like it to be even though she IS growing it out. 

Then, there’s the more obvious point, Rain outright changed her hair. We can see both eyes for once! And that’s going to be like that ALL CHAPTER LONG! Aaaaaaahhh!!!


Maria: "Halloween Princess Pandora"

So, what do you think, Ms. Bryer?
Looks fantastic, Maria! You're Halloween Princess Pandora, right? Fitting for today, and you pull it off well. Maybe you should've gotten a wig though?
Yeah, I wanted to, but I didn't have much money left for a decent one after Rain's costume.
Heck, even this costume is a few years old.
Speaking of Rain...
You almost done in there, hon?
Why? Do YOU need to be somewhere?
Yes, Miss Snippy-pants. I'm just planning on going out tonight with one of the other teachers. Heather downstairs will be picking you up when it's over, okay?
At least you're telling me this time.
What was that just now?
I said I'll be right out.
So, um... How is it?
Wow! Sex-ay!

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