Rain:136: Not a Word

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Author Notes

The night just got awkward and they're not even at the party yet... hoo boy...

A friendly word of advice to any cisgendered people who have transgendered friends: if you ever - for whatever reason - plan on crossdressing publicly with them around, please make sure you clear it with them beforehand. While some transsexuals might be totally fine with it, others may be deeply offended. It’s wise to just make sure you know where your friends stand. 


Uh... Rudy?
It's Ruby tonight!
Um, okay. Ruby. Do you... normally... um... dress like that?
Nah. This is the first time. I wanted to try it at least once though.... Especially after meeting-
Maria and Rain are here! It's time to get going!

Rain notices Ruby

Do you want me to kill him?

Rain looks down

Come on! Who's ready to party!
Whoa. Not a word about it. She must be PISSED.

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