Rain:137: House

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Fara drives Ky, Gavin, Ruby, Maria, and Rain to Emily's Halloween party, and double-checks that Rain is okay getting a ride home from Heather.

Author Notes

Perhaps today’s page will be a little less… controversial?

Pro tip: If you’re planning on wearing a costume with wings for Halloween, I might recommend waiting until you get OUT of the car (if driving is necessary) to put them on. I speak from experience. Doors can be a pain. Car doors were worse. Of course, my experience also put me in the backseat of a two-door car. -_-

Highlight of the page: Panel 2 was tricky to draw, but I feel the end result is worth it. Cracks me up every time I look at it. ^_^


I'm amazed we managed to fit everyone in here.
Rudy! Watch where your hands are going!
Move over, Gavin!
Dammit! I just got a black feather in my mouth!
I'm sorry! I can't help it!

A short drive that felt too long for everyone later...

Holy freaking crap! That's a big house. Their bathroom is probably bigger than my whole apartment!
Sorry, Gavin. My wings are stuck in the door. Kaminari always made this look a lot easier...
Man, I have never been so happy to call shotgun in my life...
Your wing okay?
And you're cool with getting a ride home with Ky and Heather?
Still tastes like I've got that feather in my mouth...

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