Rain:138: Dishonest

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Fara declines to tell Rain whom she is meeting up with before going to see Colin.

Author Notes

I bet you all thought Aunt Fara was going to hang with Mrs. Parker, didn’t you? ;)

But what kind of person do we think this “Colin” guy is? Is he going to be “the one” that Fara finally settles down with (you know, assuming she ever opens up to Rain about it)? Or is going to go horribly sour for her VERY quickly?


Anyway, try to have fun. I may be home late, so don't wait up.
So, which teacher are you meeting up with again?
Don't worry, hon. He's not one of your teachers.
Oh, I should probably be on my way now. Later, Rain!
Sorry for keeping secrets, hon.
I just don't think you're ready to know about this yet.
Now to see if eHEARTyou really works for me...

A letter reads:

I still can't believe what a jewel I found on that ridiculous dating site! I'm looking forward to finally meeting you, Fara. I'll see you at the Cibo Delizioso at 9:00 on October 31st. I hope you're ready for a wonderful night.
- Colin Stack

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