Rain:141: Angels

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Emily's anger at Rain's costume subsides and she hugs Rain, saying they are like sisters. Chase makes an inappropriate comment about Rain, much to Emily's anger.

Author Notes

Keep walking, Rain! Quickly!

So, what made this page most awkward for you. Emily’s change of heart (better known as “watching her public image”)? The hug? The “sister” comment? Chase’s comment? Really, this page is just one big festival of awkwardness. ^_^ 

Oh, and with that, now all of the main characters are actually AT the party. Only took eight pages to get the chapter about a party TO the party. 


You're right. It's okay. You couldn't have known, and at least we're different kinds of angels.
We're like sisters!
That was hot.
Don't go checking out any other angels, you!
So help me if she upstages me at my own party...
So... scary...

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