Rain:142: Cutie

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Author Notes

Meanwhile, inside…

Somehow this didn’t translate from my script to the page as well as I meant it to. In the third panel, Rob suggests that Drew could be hooked up with Rudy. This actually has nothing to do with Rudy being dressed as a girl, because they really haven’t gotten a good look at him yet (obviously, otherwise Drew probably would not be doing what he’s about to do). However, rereading this page a few times, I wonder if that fact is not as clear as it should be. Whoops.

Highlight of the page: Still, I could just go back and forth between panels 3 and 4 over and over and over again.


Hey, guys! What's Drew's problem?
Heh. Poor guy didn't realize how gay he looked in that costume.

Drew is grumbling

We should try to hook him up with your brother!

Maria smacks Rob's head

Screw you, guys. I'll just prove myself. I'll ask out a girl...

Drew spots Ruby

Yeah... Her! She's a cutie! I'm doing it!
Um, Drew... That's...
Hold on a second. I'm sure Rudy'll play along. I want to see how this plays out...

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