Rain:144: Lord of Nightmares

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Maria and Chanel briefly meet for the first time (and Maria enquires if Todd is around)

Author Notes

The thing I think we’re most interested in on this page is the segment of “Halloween Princess Pandora”. This is easily the most out-of-place thing to ever appear in this comic to date. Much like the Kaminari references a few chapters ago, this has its significance. You’re free to determine it however you wish though. ^_^ 

As an aside, I initially intended to have Aidyn (the samurai costume in the previous two pages) talking to Maria here. It felt a little detached for him suddenly go and BS about anime immediately after Rudy and Drew’s little scene though, so I inserted this other little known character instead. Chanel was originally intended to be more of sports person, but I guess she’s now an anime-loving sports person. Not as planned, but I’m willing to run with it. 


Hey, we don't know each other, but I wanted to tell you I love your Pandora costume.
Oh, thank you. I didn't think anyone would recognize me. You're into Pandora, then?
Oh my god, yes!
Remember the one where she fights the Lord of Nightmares and she's all like...
"Pfft. You can't scare me! I'm already the worst nightmare there is!"
And then she just hauls off and cracks him in the face with her scepter!
Yeah! That was pretty badass.
On a related note: do you know Todd Bittner? Have you seen him here?
Uh, yeah. I've seen him. But how is that related?
Did I say that? Silly me. Oh, and thanks again for the compliment!

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