Rain:148: Toast

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Colin and Fara discuss Rain's birth parents, and Colin makes a toast to their loved ones.

Author Notes

The truth about Rain’s parents - moreso her mother - finally comes out on this page. I feel there’s a good chance many people have suspected it for a while, though I am kind of relieved to finally be able to mention it in canon. I’m sure some people will rag on me about “how cliché it is that the main character’s mother is dead”, but I would kindly remind those same people to keep reading. ^_^


If you don't mind my asking, where are her parents?
Well, her father was a deadbeat piece of crap...
...and her mother, my sister, Liriel, passed away a little more than five years ago. I've been there for her ever since.
My god! I'm so sorry.
Don't be. It's been a long time. It's actually nice to talk about it a little.
Here. Let's toast.
To our loved ones. And that we may perhaps meet a new loved one this beautiful night.
Yes. Let's.

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