Rain:149: Chase

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Chase tells Rain that the party is in his house, and asks if he knows Rain because she looks familiar. Before Rain can answer, Emily calls Chase away.

Author Notes

Hurray for twofers. The first page could’ve probably stood alone just fine, but I wanted that last part in there. The script I pre-wrote seemed to think I could contain this whole thing in one page (silly me). But stubbornness wins in the end as I force it all into one update… regardless of how time constrained I’ve been lately.

There’s a LOT to comment on in these two pages (up to and including that we learn quite a bit about Chase), but let’s focus on the most important thing… the possible previous meeting of Rain and Chase.

I’m sure we’ve all been in both situations, actually. One: you know you met someone before but can’t quite place where. Two: they recognize you, but you don’t know them. Both can be crappy situations. The latter can be especially crappy hoever if you’ve only recently begun presenting yourself publicly with a different identity.

Today I thought I’d wrap my blurb a little differently by summing up the chapter so far. I think if anyone’s confused, this might help clarify the end of the second page: Kylie knows something’s up. Chase might know something’s up. Rudy’s a danger to her passability. Emily fudging hates her for completely unrelated reasons. And Maria’s nowhere to be found (and Gavin’s mingling, I guess). All this in a crowded party that she will require a ride from Kylie’s closed-minded sister to get away from (with, no doubt, a questioning Kylie in the car with her). In other words, Rain’s life sucks right now. 


Uh... Do you know where Emily keeps the paper towels?
You mean where I keep the paper towels. This is actually my house. Has she been telling you that this is her house?
No, I... I just assumed.
Chase! More guests!

Chase hands Rain a paper towel roll

Eh. Here you go. Try to not let it stain, whatever it is.
Um... okay.
Later. You can grab a beer from the fridge if you feel like, by the way.
Oh! Before I forget... do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar to me.
Gah! Coming! She who must be obeyed...
Oh, well... We'll chat later.

Rain rips the entire roll in half from sheer anxiety and frustration

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