Rain:152: Silent Treatment

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Author Notes

I admit, I’d be ticked if I was Kylie too. Though I imagine Gavin and Rudy probably WANT to tell him. But how? 

Besides, Rudy’s falling more and more in the doghouse with Rain lately, and doesn’t need to top it off with outing her (again, if you count Chapter 1). And Gavin spent the first four chapters trying to get OUT of the doghouse; surely, he doesn’t need to screw it up again now.

If you were in their position, how would you respond? Is there a right way to approach this that would appease Kylie and NOT devastate Rain?


Hey, um... Rain!
Not now, Rudy!
I don't have time for one of your jokes right now. I'm kind of in the middle of something here!
Whoa. Is she STILL mad?
It really wasn't meant to annoy her...
But why IS she so pissed?

Gavin and Ruby look at each other

No, really. I can't even get an answer out of her. I really don't get it. Is she like super closed-minded or something?

Gavin and Ruby look away from each other

Oh, forget it!

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