Rain:154: Pandora's Box

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Todd assumes Maria must be just as bigoted as he is and insults Rudy. Maria corners Todd and scares him.

Author Notes

I can’t claim this to be any sort of fact, but an observation that I’ve personally made through life is that the average anti-LGBT person always seems to assume everyone else feels the same way as them first by default. It’s as though they can’t comprehend why someone would be an ally. You know, “how could someone support gays and not BE gay?” I can’t help but shake my head at this mentality, but it is something I’ve observed quite a bit of in my life (especially in my high school days when everything about me was still a secret to everybody).

Todd very clearly represents one of these sorts, even going so far as to assume that Rudy’s sister is going to hate him too. Truth be told, Maria is pretty mad at Rudy over the whole “Ruby” thing and she probably does hate him sometimes in that way that siblings do. At the same time, it could argued that nobody loves Rudy more than his sister. Between his family and his classmates though, maybe that’s not much of a surprise.

So, who else has goose bumps?


Oh, it's Marie, right? You're that queer's sister.
Well, you caught me just in time. I was just thinking of heading out. This party's a little too gay for me.
I see your faggot little brother is enjoying himself though.
God, I don't even know how you live with him. Every time I see him smile, I just...-

Maria SLAMS her fist on the wall to the left of Todd's face

Go on, Todd... You just what?

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