Rain:155: Threat

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Maria threatens Todd

Author Notes


Er-hem. Thoughts?


Listen here, you little piece of shit. If I ever see you near him again - if I ever so much as find you in the same hallway as him -
Oh, and by all means, tell someone about this. Run and tell everyone how a girl threatened you and probably nearly made you piss your pants.
Your friends will ridicule you. And we're not at school, so the teachers won't even listen to you... especially since I never put my hands on you.
Are you mad? Wanna bully me too?
Yeah, people may look the other way if you beat up a homosexual, but no one's gonna take the side of a guy who hits girls.
So how about you just stop being a little bitch and shape up.
And for the record, my goddamn name is Maria!

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