Rain:169: Drama

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Author Notes

Never underestimate a person’s ability to assume homosexuality is completely curable in an instant (let alone, at all), simply by the slightest interaction with the opposite sex.

Also, never underestimate Rain’s ability to assume nothing can ever just be easy for her. She gets that from me. If something ever turns out seemingly anticlimactically for me, I may end up actually complaining that it felt too easy. 

On a related note, I usually regret doing that…



So, wait. Rudy kissed Rain!? But Rain's a girl. So, is he not really gay? Rudy's straight then?
Maybe because Rain's so pretty, she actually turned him straight.
Oh, I guess that makes sense.
Way to go, dude! I never doubted you!
Yeah! Now we doubt him!

Present day:

Is our class that stupid, or am I just that lucky?
She almost sounds upset about not being found out...
Probably expected there to be more drama. You know how she gets...

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