Rain:173: Guilty Conscience

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Author Notes

I know. I know. There’s a startling lack of Rudy spilling the information we want to hear on this page. You didn’t think it was going to come that easy, did you? I promise it WILL be revealed soon…ish. 

Anyway, this is like the laziest page ever. But god, was this fun to write. Rob and Drew are way more fun to work with than they have any right being. I bet you never thought these guys were going to be important enough to get their own page… well, pages. There’s more on them next time.

By the way, in case anyone was going to ask, they’re playing "Hyper Bash Kinsmen: Bludgeon", an off-kilter fighting/action game featuring characters from various licensed Funtendo franchises. Why yes, I do have a lot of fun deciding on irrelevant factors like what imaginary parody video games my characters are playing at any given time. ^_^


So, do you remember anything from last night?
I remember you bastards calling me gay...
Well, your costume was a little... you know...
Enough about the costume already!
Sorry... Just joking around.

They say nothing for a panel

I'm not gay!
I... I didn't say anything that time.
Geez... Guilty conscience much?

They say nothing for a panel

Okay, listen. I need to tell you something.
Whoa. What!?

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