Rain:175: The "Real You"

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Author Notes

Heather really is a different breed of “oppressive guardian” than the Strongwell parents. She really wants what’s best for her sibling; I mean, she genuinely cares. She just doesn’t get it. She’s blind to Kylie’s reasons for doing what he does. That said, it probably doesn’t help that even Kylie is also filled with uncertainty most of the time.

So when Heather says, “the real you”, she’s not really trying to be a bitch. Ignorant perhaps, but not with any active malice. The odd thing is that she doesn’t even seem unsupportive of Kylie showing interest in a girl…


Look who's finally up.
Considering how much you make fun of me for drinking, I'm amazed that you consumed enough for me to have to call you in sick today.
But why'd you drink like that?
Was Rain crying last night because of you? Did you finally slip up and tell her you're a girl?
Damn. It'd be nice if you'd quit the charade so I could stop lying to our neighbor.
Although, I have to wonder why Fara hasn't told her...
How should I know?
There's no point in bothering with Rain anymore. She clearly doesn't trust me enough as is.
Well, not for nothing, Kylie, but you HAVE kinda been lying to her. Maybe she can tell?
Maybe it's time you start over. Introduce her to the 'real you'.

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