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Rain worries about whether Rudy saw her junk on the previous page, but reassures herself that even if he did he probably wouldn't tell anyone. Meanwhile, Rudy realizes what he saw and goes to tell Gavin and Maria.

Author Notes

Awk~ward-! ^_^

Well, that probably could have gone better…

To avoid confusion, I’m just going to come right out and tell you this new boy that Rain’s bumped into is named Rudy. He’s Maria’s little brother. Normally, I’d prefer to let the story do the talking, but as I was reviewing the story before posting this, I realized that no one actually addresses him by name for another six pages. So, rather than having comments consist of people calling him “that kid” or something for roughly another two weeks, I’ll just make it easy and tell you straight out: it’s Rudy. ^_^

On a side note, Gavin and Maria are still sitting at the lunch table where Rain was eating, waiting for her to come back. Originally, I considered showing them divvying up the remainder of her lunch for humor’s sake. But after more thought, that just seemed like a really jerk thing to have them do…  


Oh no... did he... see?
What do I do?
Who is this kid anyways?
Did I just...
...is that a...
Sorry about that! I wasn't looking where I was going
Sorry about that! I wasn't looking where I was going
Well, crud. This is harder than I thought it would be.
Unlike when I go out in public with Aunt Fara or something. I actually have to interact people
Maybe I really do need some help...
Not that kid though. Can't trust him if I don't know him
At least it's unlikely he saw anything
I'm almost positive that was a boy.
I mean, he looks really convincing, but I'm pretty sure I saw... uh...
He must be really brave to do that here.
If one of the faculty found out, he'd get in a lot of trouble
And even if he did, he probably wouldn't even believe what he saw, right?
Yeah, I'm sure he wouldn't tell anyone...
Hey, guys! You'll never guess what I saw!

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