Rain:180: Zombies

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Author Notes

When you’re the source of gossip, everyone IS like a zombie. Except, instead of wanting to eat your brains, they just want to dig through it for the juicy tidbits they don’t know yet. Funny; that actually makes it sound more symbolic and relevant than I meant it to be.

The “guy gossip” that Rudy faces isn’t much better than the girl gossip that Rain faced in the last update. It’s just dirtier (and even then, I wrote it kind of tame). I wanted to include an additional bit of dialogue about “bases” too, but I left it out because I don’t know if high school boys still follow those rules or if that was just one of the dumb things of my generation. 


Morning, Rain!
You look exhausted. Did you not sleep well last night?
It's just...
It's like a zombie apocalypse out there... except they're only targeting me...
Uh... what?
And Aunt Fara was watching a really freaky zombie movie last night. So, no, I didn't sleep well.
Ah. That explains the joke.
Who's joking? I almost had a panic attack when all those girls came at me like that!
What about Rudy? Shouldn't he have his own horde right about now?
I wouldn't worry about that idiot. You know how good he is under pressure.
Besides, how bad could "guy gossip" possibly be?
Dude! With Rain? High five!
Was there any tongue action? I bet you frenched her, right?
You should've copped a feel. That would've been awesome!

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