Rain:194: The Bad Guy

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Author Notes

Okay, so Rudy is indeed being a bit apathetic towards his sister and his friends, but here’s the question: Is he really wrong?

Hypothetically speaking, if you have a crush on someone - and so do three of your best friends - do you back off in favor of making your friends happy or do you pursue your crush? If you said you’d back off, would you change your mind after a significant amount of time has passed with no one doing anything? Is there an okay amount of time to wait? And if your crush gets asked out and swept away by a third party that isn’t among you or your friends, wouldn’t that just be a thrown away chance for you and everyone you seeked to help?

Deep page. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I feel like I haven’t proposed an “in their shoes” question in a long time.


Have fun on your date, did you?
Why, yes I did. Thanks for asking.
You're such an ass, Rudy!
Yeah, I figured.
You knew I liked her. You knew Gavin liked her.
Yup. I'm pretty sure Ky did too.
What are you playing at? Why are you doing this?
Because I like her? I thought that was obvious.
Why are you betraying your friends... and your family... you knew...
Okay. For just a second, really think about what you're asking.
I'm apparently not supposed to pursue the person I have feelings for out of respect for some of my friend who also have feelings for her, right? But it's been two months since we all met her, and not ONE of you has actually made a move. Am I supposed to just wait around forever? Should we ALL just wait forever for everyone else to not do anything?
Eventually, someone has to be the bad guy, right? Otherwise, we'll all have wasted our time waiting for nothing, and someone we don't know will ask her out.
I... but...
So, I guess I'll just have to be the bad guy for now...

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