Rain:196: Abnormal Feelings

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Author Notes

Kylie may have figured something out. I think he may be a bit offended that Rain’s not just admitting it…

Food for thought: Do you think Rain is just playing dumb to keep her secret safe, or is she oblivious to Kylie’s suggestion, situation, and practically everything else?


Yeah. Me and Rudy are going out now.
But... but you were ready to kill him just a couple days ago...
...because of his costume.
And anyway, isn't he gay?
We... we had a nice long chat and everything is better now.
It's complicated and would take forever for me to explain though, so I won't get to into it.
So, what did you want to talk to me about?
Rain. We're friends, right? You'd tell me if there was something bothering you... right?
Like, if you had some kind of abnormal feelings about yourself that no one else seems to have...
N-nevermind. I should go. I'm sorry to bother you...

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