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Brother Arthur tells Fara that he is concerned about Rain, since she is failing math

Author Notes

Okay, just because other peoples’ school experiences have been different from mine in the past, I’d like to clarify this a little. The “report card”, for me, always came at the end of semesters a couple times over the course of the school year (usually, just before Christmas break, Spring break and Summer vacation, if I remember correctly). But in between those, there’d be an additional pseudo-report card known as a “progress report”, which does just what it sounds like; it reports the students’ current progress. It’s not terribly reliable in most cases and is usually subject to change, but my schools always sent them out. Anyway, I just wanted to include that, in case other peoples’ schools did no such thing.

And yeah, Rain’s a pretty awful student. I was too, actually (she is largely based off me, after all). I bet you didn’t think that math thing was going to be relevant, did you? ^_^


Nov. 5th - Monday - Third Day:

You wanted to see me, Brother Arthur?
Oh, yes. Thank you for coming. Please take a seat.
It's kind of odd being on this side of the desk, you know. It's been almost twenty years...
I sincerely apologize if this is embarrassing for you, Ms. Bryer. I can assure you, it's not my intent.
Anyway, as I'm sure you know, progress report grades need to be in by Friday...
Ah! I was getting to those, I swear. I promise they'll be in when you need them! Really!
Then you'll be doing better than much of the faculty usually does, Ms. Bryer.
It's not you I'm concerned about. It's your niece. Rain is failing math.

A paper reads:

Rain Flaherty

English: B-
History: C
Math: F
Science: C-
P.E.: D
French: D+

Her grades in other classes are passing, but the highest grade she has in anything is a "B-" in English.
Is there anything that could be distracting her lately; things going on in her life that might impair her ability to focus on her classwork?

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