Rain:200: Acting Differently

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Author Notes

Two-hundred pages! Whoo!

Besides what’s actually going on, I’d like to draw your attention to some slight uniform changes. With the story going into November now, the weather is cooling down and the students are expected to wear blazers. Additionally, while girls can still opt for the knee-length skirt they’ve all been wearing so far, they might also choose to wear a jumper. Although, the “Winter uniform” is entirely inspired by my own personal experience, I admit the real reason I made ANY alteration at is simply because I’m getting tired of drawing the uniform as it was (I mean, I have kind of drawn it A LOT in 200 pages). 

I make no exaggeration, when I say I’ve considered an arc later on in the story where the school changes the uniforms. It’s kind of stupid, so I probably won’t do that, but this is how much I didn’t feel like drawing it anymore. And I figure by the time I get tired of the blazers, it’ll be warm weather again in the comic. Maybe. If I’m lucky.


Hey, has Maria seemed any different to you lately?
Dammit, Rudy!! I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU!
Eh. Not much different than usual. Why? What's she saying to you?
Well, nothing...
I've barely seen her since Friday morning. She never called over the weekend. Heck, she's not even here for lunch right now. I know she's not absent though.
And come to think of it, Gavin's not here either...
Ky was being pretty cryptic yesterday too. Everyone's being so strange, lately.
I dunno. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm starting to feel like I did something wrong. Did I do something wrong?
No, no... You're fine.
Maria's just being Maria. Whatever it is that's bothering her, is only temporary.
She'll get over it.

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