Rain:201: Worth a Try

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Author Notes

The way Maria beats herself up about BEING herself, once again proves one of the harder things in this comic to write about. She’s so supportive of others being themselves, and yet so conflicted when it comes to herself. It’s kinda tragic, because what she really wants for herself is basically unattainable.

Gavin meanwhile, as a good “boyfriend”, is sticking with Maria through these hard times, but is no doubt still trying to sort through his own feelings about what’s going on. 

Rough stuff, for everyone...


I'm never going to get over this!
He knew how I felt! He knew! But he never told a soul how he felt. Not until just before he did it!
RUdy freaking tells everyone everything! He's just being a deceptive little bastard!
What does Rain see in him anyway? He's STILL gay! How can she be happy with him.
Whatever. They probably won't last anyway. They're just not compatible. I give it a week at best.
Then we can all just go back to normal, and I don't have to sit outside with you for lunch.
Maybe it's time I really started putting effort into trying to be... you know... straight.
If Rudy can do it, so can I...
But I thought you couldn't cure gay. You just said yourself he's not straight!
Well, it's worth a try, right? Right?

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