Rain:205: Uniform

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Author Notes

So, Maria takes it very hard that she missed out on the opportunity to ask out Rain. However, Gavin’s just the kind of guy who’d be indifferent enough that he probably get over it really easy. Except to him, the whole situation presents the likelihood that Rain is attracted to boys. And if she likes boys, Gavin will “be stuck with his crush and his complex” because now he actually has a shot with her (as he once said).

Needless to say, this is very uncomfortable for him. With his emotions AND his hormones in flux, Gavin is starting to overthink again. And his thoughts are very troubling… and kinda hot…


Gavin! Is there any chance you can spare the time to tutor me in math?
Tutor me, Gavin...
Tutor me...
Why am I thinking thoughts like this all of the sudden!?
I'm sorry. I have to go.

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