Rain:206: That Symbol

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Author Notes

Kind of a lot going on with this page…

We come full circle with all three of Rain’s closest friends failing to be able to tutor her and save her grades. For the record, I don’t know what “that symbol” may be. Originally, I planned to show some actual math to demonstrate what Rain was having trouble with. I later decided making stuff up would just be funnier (what with some bizarre mathy symbol that confounds Rain endlessly). Just imagine that one symbol that you hate seeing, or make one up and then curse its existence. ^_^

The other portion of the page focuses on a strange and cryptic note Rudy finds in his locker. Are girls starting to confess feelings for him now that he’s posing as straight? Is Todd looking to fisticuffs? Is Maria looking to fisticuffs? Really, it could be pretty much anyone.

And yes, I handwrote the note myself. I tried to make look like it wasn’t written by me, but considering nobody online probably knows my handwriting, that may have been pointless. Silly me. 


Rudy is at his locker
Rudy finds an envelope

A letter reads:


Meet me after school by the flagpole.

Come alone!

Rudy! Do you know anything - anything at all - about this kind of math?
Er... actually, what's that symbol mean?
I don't know...!
Sorry, Rain. I don't think I can help with that one. Have you tried asking Maria? She's really good at math.
Uh... wh-what's that look? Did I say something wrong?

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