Rain:208: Womankind

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Rain despairs at her struggles with math, but Heather enters and offers to help Rain study.

Author Notes

Oh boy. This should be interesting. We’ve never actually seen these two alone together.

Just a friendly reminder, Heather is a college student, so she will have taken and passed whatever math Rain is flunking years ago. For the sake of argument, we’re gonna say she majors in something math-related so that she’s legitimately good at it.


Waah... I'm gonna fail math and I'm gonna miss out on meeting Chiaki Koizumi which would've been like a dream come true...
My life su-hucks!
Of all the possible feminine traits I could have, why did I have to suck at math!?
That's just a crappy stereotype, Rain. I won't stand for it.
Your aunt was telling me you've been asking around for a math tutor.
So I offered to help.
I'll make sure you don't become yet another negative and simply untrue statistic on womankind.

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