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That little shove being promises of Kaminari-related fangirling, of course. ^_^

And for the record, it’s hard to read, but the grade is a 71 (out of 100). I don’t know how schools in other countries - or perhaps even other states - handle grading, but in my experience in a high school setting, anything below 65 is failing. Hence, it’s not really a fantastic grade at all. But if everything up to that point has been failure, then yeah, it DOES show improvement and willingness to put in effort.


Nov. 8th - Thursday - Sixth Day:

How did she do!? Did you grade them yet?
Well, I should tell you some kids genuinely have a difficult time with math. It's unfortunately not a spectacular grade.
I am willing to give a C+ for effort though. It is the first test she's passed in my class.
At least, now I can see that she's really trying to improve.
Did you tell her that Father Quenton was threatening to split up her relationship or something?
Nah. She's a smart girl. I just gave her a little shove and suddenly, she was motivated.
Well, the tutor probably helped too.

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