Rain:213: Congratulations

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Rain announces to Rudy that she passed math, and Brother Arthur asks to have a little chat between the two

Author Notes

Brother Arthur genuinely seems like a nice guy to pretty much everyone. I mean, how can you not like him? And yet, when he says things like that (especially with a smile on his face), he’s kinda scary too… O_O

I want you to know how hard I worked to make sure this page landed on a Friday, so that there’d be a slightly longer gap before the follow-up to it. It’s important to me that your mind race with possibilities. ^_^


I passed! I passed! Look at it, Rudy! You're not looking! See! I passed!
Congratulations, Rain. I'm really happy to see you make an improvement like this.
Brother Arthur? Th-thank you.
If you can both spare a moment, do you mind seeing me in my office?
Both of us?
Are we in trouble?
Not at all. I just want to have a little talk is all.
Is this all right?

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