Rain:215: Courage

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Brother Arthur tells Rain that he is aware that she is trans, and promises to keep it a secret as much as he can behind-the-scenes

Author Notes

Crazy page. So many points I want to make! I’ll focus on the big things.

Brother Arthur’s explanation of how he figured it out actually has a second purpose, moreso from a technical standpoint for me as the writer than anything plot-related. For the longest time, I got really hung up on how Rain could be enrolled in a school like this when her legal name doesn’t match the name she goes by. After all, I’m relatively certain such documents must be presented upon enrollment; the fact is, I don’t know if in real life anyone COULD go through high school without ANYONE knowing who they are. Members of the faculty would probably have to know. It’s a minor, forgettable hole that one could easily overlook because it IS fiction, but I guess it bothers me. Hence, this sort of explains it. Sort of… ish…

Also, I changed the dialogue SO MANY TIMES on this one. This page may have won the award for most dialogue rewrites of any in the story thus far. From Rain’s reaction, to Brother Arthur’s speech, I probably spent a literal day pacing around my apartment working out this dialogue. It’s still a little campy towards the end, but I think I generally like it for the most part.

Anyway, big important page. But I hope you all like it. 


I... um... What makes you say that...?
I have had my suspicions since day one - for example, all of the legal documents needed to enroll you here claim your name is "Ryan" whereas Ms. Bryer insists this is a persistent typo.
Since I didn't push the matter, she probably assumes I don't know.
But having been close to someone whose done things exactly like this, it's easy for me to recognize what's going on.
Transsexuality. Crossdressing. Homosexuality. These are all viewed as sins and expulsion-worthy offenses in this school.
If Father Quenton knew this and had his way, neither of you would be allowed in this school again.
Wait a second! Are you blackmailing us?
Quite the contrary. I'm going to protect you. By helping to ensure your secret remains safe and uncontested.
Of course, I can only act behind the scenes, as I will lose my job among other things if I'm found to be helping with something like this.
But I genuinely want you two to be happy, and to grow and become who you wish to be.
Whether you believe me or not is entirely up to you. I do hope you'll allow me to help you though.
I think it will help me to atone for the things I've said and done to my brother.
And maybe I'll gain the courage to contact him once more.

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