Rain:217: Have a Wonderful Day

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Maria comes out to the entire school as a lesbian.

Author Notes

This MAY actually be my favorite chapter ending page to date. If you didn’t see this coming, it could be kind of a shocker. If you did predict this (as a few of you did), I think it’s still so out of left field in the way it actually happens, that it’s pretty funny. 

And what does this mean for Maria’s immediate future? I mean, everyone heard that. Well, almost everyone. There’re a few significant characters absent from this page, aren’t there…?

Also, once again as a reminder, starting now there will be a hiatus. I don’t know how long it will be at this time. You may or may not know I’m experiencing some technical difficulties lately, rendering me incapable of drawing at the moment. I am working to resolve this as quickly as possible, but please bear with me until then. Best case scenario, Chapter 10 will start back up in June. Worst case scenario… well, I’ll keep you posted. 


Attention students of St. Hallvard High School. I have an announement to make.
I am a flaming dyke!
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

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