Rain:218: Disturbance

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Brother Arthur doubts that Maria is actually gay, but says it doesn't matter because he has to report her to Father Quenton for her "disturbance." Brother Arthur begs Maria not to make any more trouble.

Author Notes

Brother Arthur’s doubt isn’t just him simply being an questioning authority figure. If we’ve learned anything from the last chapter, it’s that he’s an extremely understanding individual. However, as the author of this comic, I’ll be the first to admit that two siblings both being gay is fairly unlikely. It’s not impossible, I know, but the statistical likelihood is actually quite slim. From his perspective, Maria being a lesbian (especially when she’s been “going out” with a guy like Gavin for almost two years), is almost completely implausible to him.

The choice words he refers to at the end, are of course, “flaming dyke”. Technically, that’s a derogatory term for a lesbian. The irony is that in this environment, it’s frowned upon to be gay, but you still can’t go around potentially offending people who might be with that language (or offending people who have no reason to be offended by that language). Yes, it’s ridiculous, but yes, I can vouch for the realism on this account.


Nov. 12th - Monday:

So, be honest with me, Maria. What sparked this little outburst?
I just felt like it was time to stop lying to myself, so I decided to come out to everyone.
Yes, but the timing is rather convenient.
Your openly homosexual brother gets a girlfriend at almost the exact same time you separate with your boyfriend. And suddenly you're gay too.
Frankly, Maria. I'm not buying it.
It all sounds like a cry for attention to me. Though, I admit I'm not sure what sort of attention you're looking for.
Having dealt with your parents over Rudy before - not to mention Father Quenton - I can pretty much guarantee this isn't going to do you any favors.
Whatever. Rudy told my folks already. My dad actually cried.
But it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. I don't need permission. I am who I am.
Regardless, I see there's nothing I can say to change your mind. I'm on your side, so the fact is, whether you are or are not gay is irrelevant. I was asked to speak to you, and I have. Unfortunately, I am obligated to report this conversation to Father Quenton. Depending on his verdict, you could be facing suspension for this "disturbance". Just, please, try not to make any more scenes. For your own good!
And if anyone asks, I gave you detention for your choice of words the other day.

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