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Devon and Rob ask Gavin if Maria is really a lesbian, and whether or not Gavin make her lesbian. Gavin tells the other boys that Maria is really lesbian and it isn't because of Gavin.

Author Notes

Six times to be exact. Seven if you count the page title. ^_^

I really love the banter of this page, but I don’t feel like I have much to add this time. So, um… enjoy. 


So, is she really a lesbian?
God, I wish people would stop asking. It's why she said it: yes, she's a lesbian!
Is it because of you?
What? No! She was a lesbian before me. I was just her cover-up so no one would know.
Wait. So you knowingly dated a lesbian for two years? Weren't you afraid she might make you gay?
You got me, Rob. I like women.
I'm an honorary lesbian now...
Well, you know... I mean... well... Like Drew...
What about Drew?
Now that you mention it, we've said the word "lesbian" a bunch of times and I haven't heard cheering even once. Where IS Drew?

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