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Author Notes

Wow. This page even frustrates me, and I wrote it. -_-

Poor Gavin is trying so hard to explain as much as he can without betraying his friends. But it’s so hard to work around the closed-minded even without the handicap. Sad to say, he probably never had a prayer…


Drew's concerned he's turning gay, so he's avoiding the locker room, just in case.
Oh, man. That sucks.
He can't TURN gay...
You don't know that!
Yes, I do.
He's either straight and being stupid, - which is not outside the realm of possibility, I might add - or he's ALWAYS been gay and horribly in denial.
Or hell, maybe he's bisexual and just now coming to terms with it or something.
But he's not TURNING gay.
Well, since you're such an expert, Gavin, what about Rudy? Are you going to tell me he was actually straight all along?
No. Rudy's gay. Always has been and always will be. He just happens to like one particular girl for reasons I can't explain.
Right. Now he's just marking stuff up. Who's in denial, now?
Seriously. My dad says bisexuals don't even exist.

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