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Author Notes

This page was kind of a rush job, so I apologize if the art is suckier than usual. If ever there was a page that had the possibility of being completely scrapped and redrawn someday, it’d be this one. Now, you might be thinking, “But Lynn, there are WAY uglier pages!” Well, you’d be right. But my mental image had much different art direction, and I feel like this is actually losing something somehow. That said, whether I change this page or not, Holly’s “disgust” face is a keeper.

Oh yeah, and some important dialogue too!


So, do you find me attractive?
If you want the honest truth, Debbie: no, I don't. I'm sorry if that comes as a disappointment to you.
But you ARE a lesbian, right?
Do you find Father Quenton attractive?
Ew. No.
Then, I rest my case. You're not attracted to every man, and I'm not attracted to every woman.
But I still don't understand why you'd want to be a lesbian. I mean, BESIDES Father Quenton, there are lots of other really good-looking guys.
Want to be...?
Well, yeah. But to put this REALLY simply for you, all those guys aren't girls... and that's kind of a turn-off.
Oh, I get it! So you'd like a guy if he was a woman?
Holly, that doesn't even make sense...


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