Rain:225: Someone

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Debbie tries to get Maria to reveal who her crush is. Maria sees Rain and Emily happily talking together, and refuses to answer Debbie.

Author Notes

But can/will Maria really move on?

And on another note, I’m honestly surprised Maria hasn’t punched Debbie yet. 

And on another other note, Rain seems to have made a new friend…


What about her?
That girl?
Can you please just go away?
I've got to tell you, Maria. You're not a very good lesbian. You don't seem to like anybody.
I'm not just going to walk up to random girls I don't know and start making out with them.
Just like anyone else, I'd want to get to know them first before jumping into something.
Okay, fine. Does that mean you already have someone in mind?
There is, but...

Rain and Emily are happily talking with each other

...no. I Told myself I'd move on.
You know what, Debbie? If it's that important to you, why don't you just figure it out on your own?

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