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Fara tries to persuade Gavin to accept Rain. Rudy and Maria assure Rain that they accept her even if Gavin doesn't, while Rudy outs Maria and himself to Rain.

Author Notes

And finally, two weeks after his first appearance, Rudy’s name is finally mentioned in canon! Huzzah!

Anyway. Super busy page here. It may even feel like two pages. That’s because I ALMOST was! Originally, I was going to have one page just be Aunt Fara lecturing Gavin, and then a separate page for Maria and Rudy cheering Rain up. But I felt like I didn’t really have enough to work with to spread either one out. Hence, I left it as is. I guess I kinda figure it still works since it’s more or less the same scene… I mean, they can probably all hear each other anyway.

And before anyone asks or tries to correct me: Yes, of course I know that “tranny” is typically regarded as an offensive term, and yes, of course I know that it’s not correctt to refer to Rain as a “he” or a “him”. I know that, and hopefully, most of you know that (or do now, at least). Maria and Rudy however, are a little less familiar with the subject though. Supportive as they may be, they’ve only been aware that they know a “real, live transsexual” for maybe about five minutes now and really don’t have the terminology quite down yet. And in my experience, it takes at least a night for even the most accepting people to get their pronouns straight. -_-

Uh… focusing on Rudy again for just a moment, it’s dawned on me only now, that somewhere after page 20, he’s lost his tie. I mean… he WAS wearing it… and now it’s gone. Whatever. It’s after school; he doesn’t have to wear it anymore. He probably just stuffed it in his pocket. And yes, that’s totally viable excuse for forgetting to draw a part of his design for three whole pages… because no, he’s not wearing it in the next page either (LE GASP! Spoiler!).

Oh, man. So much to talk about on this page. I could probably keep going, but meh… I’ll open up the floor to you guys. It’s time for me to shut up, and you guys to talk. ^_^


Gavin, right? Rain's told me you two were best friends in grade school. Sure, it was a long time ago, but I guess I'm just a little surprised at how easily you'd throw that away over sonething like this.
She's doing this because of something she's had to deal with for her whole life. Alone. I'm sure she probably wanted to tell you, but was probably afaid of this exact scenario.
I'm not gonna tell you what to walk away, then do it. But I thought you seemed a bit troubled just now. As if that wasn't what you really wanted to say to her. I don't know what you think but this isn't some joke she's playing. It's who she is.
Who "she" is? But...
Hey, don't let what he said get to you, Rain. If it's any consolation, this makes you about the coolest person I've ever met. We could be there for you. Right, Maria?
Yeah. I don't mind. I mean, I wanted to be your friend anyway, right?
Are you sure? You don't think I'm a freak or something?
Oh, shut up; you're awesome. Besides, Maria and I are both gay so who are we to judge?
I mean now we've all got to stick together, right?
Why did you tell him, Rudy!? Why do you always have to tell everyone!?
Ga-ak! I just thought it'd be fair since we know he's a dude now anyway.

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