Rain:232: Breasts

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Maria sits down for lunch with Chanel. Chanel explains that she faces a lot of bullying because she is short and has large breasts.

Author Notes

I’m sure to some people, it might sound a bit farfetched that someone could be less popular for having big boobs. I’ve heard this kind of story from more than one source though.

Highlight of the page: Panels 4 and 5 make me laugh. Hard. (Fun fact, as often as I copy/paste in this comic, those two panels were actually drawn separately. It’s subtle, but her head actually moves slightly.)


So, you sit by yourself at lunch?
Yeah. I don't have a lot of friends.
I have large breasts.

Maria takes a panel to process that

I was an early bloomer through no fault of my own, but I've been tormented for it in the past. Even now, girls think I'm a slut and alienate me. Boys all think I must be easy and pester me.
Being short as I am makes me all the more vulnerable. You don't seem judgmental at least. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.
But enough about my stupid drama. Why are you sitting with me instead of your friends? Did you have a fight or something?

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