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Author Notes

Man, I had trouble naming this page… ^^;

The talk comes from the varying opinions the cast makes about Rain’s current predicament. The irony is that everyone seems to have something to say except for the character most affected. 

Luckily(?), she’s saved when the topic gets derailed and becomes about her mother. I’m not going to say Rain is “over it” (I don’t think you really get over something like that if it happens when you’re very young), but it’s safe to say it’s not exactly something that she dwells on anymore. Still, I could imagine it not really being her favorite topic all the same.

I can just hear Rain saying, “Ahem. On that note, who’s still up for some Fabio Cart? Anyone? Please? PLEASE!” 


But why not? I can understand not wanting to spread it around school, but this IS your family.
You don't understand, Gavin. Once you're out to your folks, you're out forever. If they don't "approve", you still have to live with them.
Except she's NOT living with them. This'll be the first time we're physically seeing either of them since their mother passed away.
Oh my god! Your mom died!?
Oh my god! Your mom died!?
Subtle, guys...
Geez, Rain. Do you tell anyone anything?

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