Rain:242: Aiken

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Author Notes

So, we skip ahead to the next day, not really clear on Rain’s decision. Regardless, the weekend arrives and so does Aiken. A~aaaand he doesn’t seem like such a bad guy?

Special note goes to the last two panels: Aunt Fara apparently likes to bicker with all the Flaherty siblings. ^_^


Dec. 22nd - Saturday

Knock Knock

Aiken! Welcome home!
It's good to see you, Aunt Fara.
As you can see, the place is a little small, so you'll be stuck sleeping on the couch.
We have a computer over there if you're bored and there's a Super Funtendo hooked up to the TV. Just make yourself at home.
Oh, but Ryan's kind of a private kid, so just stay out of his room. It'll save us all a big headache.
But beyond that, you're golden.
Speaking of baby bro, where is he?
...... ...... ......
H...is room. Resting.
He had friends over kinda late last night.
But you can see him in a little bit.
For now, just take a load off. Settle down. Do you need anything to drink?
Sure. Whatever you've got, I guess.
So, let's not waste time. When do we get to meet the wife?
We... we're not actually married yet, you know!

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