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Author Notes

The obvious(?) next step to getting our latest hijinks underway. Lots of you guessed this one. Normally, I might be troubled by so many people predicting the next thing, but I was honestly kinda looking forward to this, so hearing so many other people were thinking in this direction made me pretty happy actually. ^_^

And for everyone thinking this plan is ridiculous and will never work, we have Gavin playing the role as the ignored voice of reason...

Of particular note: Maria and Chanel at the movies? If you remember a few weeks back, I opened up about how Chanel’s involvement in the story was… kind of accidental, so I had to make up a lot of Chapter 10 literally as I went. To that end, my outline of Chapter 11 wasn’t really prepared to include her either. On an unrelated note, Maria didn’t play a major contributing role in the chapter either. As a result, I decided to kind of name a diversionary excuse for these two to not be present for a while. They’ll be back in Chapter 12, I promise. ^_^


He's there, then? How are you holding up?
Yeah, I guess that was a silly question.
And you did you still want me to come over?
I know. I know. I won't screw it up.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Please tell me that was all code for "I came out to my brother after all and he's totally cool with it, so let's all go about our day as normal."
You're too funny.
Yeah. Silly me.
So you're going to be Rai... er, Ryan's girlfriend then?
Yes. My name's Ruby.
Can't we use a real girl? Can't Maria just play along?
She's at the movies with Chanel.
Lucky wench. Why can't Ryan just be with a guy? Aren't you offended?
Just doing what Rain said to do. And actually, a little, yeah.
Why do you BOTH need to pretend to be something you're not?
I guess the brother's both a transphobe AND a homophobe.
Do we even know that for sure?
No. Not really.
Now I've got a question for you: can you do my makeup?
You're too funny!

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