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Originally, I was thinking I’d cut back to the scene with Ryan and Aiken here. I decided to extend this scene with Gavin and Ruby though. These pages were going to come in either way, but I feel like there’s a better flow with showing it right now. Besides, a lot of people have been asking questions about why things are going in the direction that they are. Since this page addresses many of them, it’s probably better to get things in there a bit sooner. I hope this clarifies things, at least a little.


You know, I could get used to dressing like this.
Don't tell me these things...
But seriously. She really lent you that dress and actually TOLD you to wear it? I don't understand. Wasn't she so pissed at you back on Halloween for doing just that?
Yeah, but she thought I was making fun of her. This is, after all, a source of a lot of pain in her life. I wasn't trying to hurt her of course, and when I explained that, she felt a bit better. Although, she did kinda sorta tell me never to do it again. But that was before this whole schtick with the brother started.
Rain's all like, "I know he's gonna ask about my girlfriend, because Fara dropped the ball and said I was dating someone named Ruby to my sister.""
So last night, she gave me this outfit and told me to be on standby just in case.
Really? It's kinda hard to believe that Fara'd mess up that bad, when she so adamantly wants Rain to come out.
Fara will protect Rain to the end if she has to, but she wants HER to tell her family.
Did she tell you that too?
No. I figured it out.
I never outed Maria to our parents for the same reason.
You outed her to me... and Rain.
Does the phrase "Dude she's a lesbian" mean anything to you.
It's different when it's family. When you screw up with friends, you can always make new ones. You only get ONE family. So, if you're gonna come out, you're gotta be ready for anything.
And Rain's clearly not.

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