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Aiken wishes Rain would have a FaceSpace, but Rain says her life must not be very eventful. Aiken is impatient to meet Ruby, but Fara says some girls need time to get ready.

Author Notes 

250 pages! Whoo!

Based on the last few pages, it’s been a little over an hour since Ryan entered the scene with Aiken. All the conversation that’s likely happened up to now would’ve been “How’s school?”, “What’s new?”, “Blah blah blah.” It may have derailed to other small talk direction like, “Have you seen the trailer for that new movie?” but I’m confident we haven’t missed anything. Especially since Aiken – having not seen his ‘baby bro’ in over five years – circles back to his disbelief at how much Ryan has changed. Oh, if he only knew.

Fara sends it all back to Aiken though. She may even get an answer eventually.


Man, I still can't get over how long it's been since I last saw you. It's crazy seeing my baby bro all grown up like this.
I wish you'd get a cellphone or a FaceSpace account like the rest of society at large. I could at least keep in contact with you.
Sorry. I just have nothing to say. My life isn't that eventful.
Doesn't your girl nag you to get these things?
Speaking of which, shouldn't your little lady be here by now. I'm really eager to meet the girl that puts up with my baby bro. I'm kidding, of course.
Some girls need a lot of time to get ready Aiken. Doesn't your "little lady" ever make you wait?

Fara winks at Rain

See, you'll learn all about Ruby when she gets here. Maybe you wanna tell us all more about your Jenna in the meantime?
I wanna hear more about her. Or anything about her.
It's Jessica.

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