Rain:252: Not a Boy

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Kylie sees Rain in drab, and incorrectly assumes Rain is "really a boy."

Author Notes

These weren’t planned as a set; they just happen to go together. Actually, I just thought this little scene would be so remarkably fitting today, as I’m posting this on Coming Out Day. Funny coincidence, really. (Honestly though, now that I look at it, these pages do go well together too.)

Other funny coincidences may include finding out your neighbor is a lot like you in a unique way. Except that when they address their stances, they sound awfully different. But alike. Um, alike-ish…? 

Or… not…

ALSO, because people are probably going to ask about it and the pages don’t address it: Ryan uses “girl voice” at the end of the first page here, to offer some familiarity. She’s shocked and bothered by what she’s seeing (not to mention her own slip up) but she doesn’t really want Kylie to leave, all the same. But she returns to “boy voice” just in case her brother can hear (he can’t from where he is, but you can never be too sure). I worry this whole thing might be too subtle, so that’s the explanation. ^_^


So, you really are a boy...
Uh... I mean... I... I think I came at a bad time.
Please. I know how I look now, but you've seen how I normally am.
This just isn't me.
So please don't call me a boy.
But, geez... I have so many questions, I don't know where to begin. Or if I even have time to ask...
Like... I don't see you for weeks and then you suddenly show up now. Like this. What is... I... I don't understand.
Look, I'm not a boy. My name is Kylie. Ky for short. I just... switch it up sometimes, you know. But since you believed I was a boy all that time, I just went along.
I don't know. I just... I felt like I was lying to you and the others. I wanted to come clean for a long time. And I... well, here I am.
But since you're like this now, I assume you're like me? This is your big secret that you wouldn't tell me.
I figured it out a while ago, but I didn't want to believe it.
And then I just got really mad and avoided you.
But I shouldn't have been like that. I was doing the same thing.
So, I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have led you on. Or the others.
But I stand by the fact that you shouldn't either.
Wait, what?

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