Rain:254: Get It

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Author Notes

Looking at this again, I’m struggling to find anything to add here. So take this as is, I suppose. 


I'm not leading anyone on! I'm not this! When you normally see me dressed as a girl, that's who I am.
So you were born a girl?
Ye... well, no. Not um.. physically-speaking.
But that...
It doesn't...
I still AM a girl!

Kylie is not getting it.

Look, the only reason I'm dressed like this is because my brother is here. And I'm just not ready to tell him that his beloved "baby bro" is actually his "baby sis". I don't think he'd get it.
..... ...... .....
To be fair, I still don't completely get it either.
But doesn't that mean you're just leading your brother on?
No, I...
Well... maybe...

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